Delete Multiple Movies

julestop asked for this feature 8 months ago — 11 comments

julestop commented 8 months ago

Ability to select multiple movies and delete them. Could be under organize. Delete would remove the movie folder as well as all of its contents.

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

i also woulld like this to be implemented... righ tnow you can delete one by one, by pressing the wrench. I like how that gives you the option of just deleting from radarr or deleting the files also.. it would be nice to be able to select multiple movies and delete them.. would also be nice to specify to delete files or not.. basiaclly a batch version of what already exists on an individual level.

| hilljd00 commented 7 months ago

Great idea as long as it deletes the request and entire contents

| IvanJosipovic commented 7 months ago

I would also like to see the ability to bulk delete and add movies to the Exclusion List.

| harrv commented 6 months ago

When the lists feature went berserk and added 400 movies I didn't want, I was able to easily select, pause, and delete them from my nzb downloader, but clicking on them one at a time and deleting them from Radarr is taking foreeeever. It takes 6 clicks per movie to delete them. That's 2400 clicks for one mistake! Please implement this feature?

PatrickGHanna commented 5 months ago

I would expand on this to perform bulk operations on movies. Examples:

I want to change the root directory for these N movies. I want to bulk monitor/unmonitor movies

| kraftyland commented 5 months ago

Any update on this feature?

| maciver commented 5 months ago

I agree with this, and the ability to bulk move files. I need to move to a larger hard drive with a new letter and this would be easier to manage this way.

| Maull commented 5 months ago

Accidentley imported +300 crap movies while playing with lists, now I have to remove them 1 by 1?

| yaz007 commented 3 months ago

I too imported hundreds of movies by mistake. I will be easier to reinstall Radarr and start the whole process from scratch than to delete movies one by one.

djzeratul commented 18 days ago

for anyone watching this, this feature exists now. movie editor > select movies > delete selected button at the top of the window

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