3D support

roboticsound asked for this feature 8 months ago — 23 comments

roboticsound commented 8 months ago

Would be great if 3D would be supported. This would also have to work with the renamer in order to append .hsbs etc. so that it can be recognised by Kodi.

| benbour commented 8 months ago

I'd also like to see this

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

yup.. this is an important feature that CP had that radarr doesnt..

| C-Jay-C commented 8 months ago

Ditto! Would be even better if there would be a distinction for full untouched 3d bluray releases. I'll take framepacked over sbs any day of the week. And I'll take reencoded framepacked in a pinch.

| hilljd00 commented 7 months ago

Would be great if they had a 3D notification as well

| drafie commented 7 months ago

Another aspect of this is that I find Radarr replacing 3D versions of movies with 2D.

| T800mc commented 7 months ago

I'd love this for MVC 3D

| SpoBo commented 7 months ago

Definitely needed. It's very confusing when a 3D version is downloaded instead of a 2D version or when a 3D version is overridden by a 2D version. Users should be able to indicate which versions of a movie they are interested in. Some users might want the 2D and the 3D version. Not just 1 or the other.

| galli-leo commented 6 months ago Admin

Could anybody point me to a list with common tags for 3D movies? Would make implementing this a lot easier.

| Baraddon commented 6 months ago

I don't know any List, these are from Movies I have. I don' know if they comply with any scene rules...

  • 3D
  • Half-SBS
  • HSBS
  • H-SBS
  • Half-OU
  • H-OU
  • HOU

Some just have 3D+ BluRay + Resolution. Is that enough to filter properly?

| thedreamfinder commented 6 months ago

Would love to see a profile added for 3D as well

| nzlittleman commented 6 months ago

3D is dead

thadragun commented 5 months ago

I also would like to see 3D support. Some settings that would be nice: - a movie would be redownloaded once the 3D version is available with the option of keeping the 2D version, or 2D being deleted and replaced with only 3D copy. - Option of 3D movies to be moved into a separate folder then 2D movies. - Renaming 3D movies with correct extension used by kodi. (eg. Movie Title, The (2010).3d.hsbs.mkv )

| mabushey commented 5 months ago

3D support would be amazing. There are tags in mkv files for 3D that kodi respects, running mkvpropedit --edit track:1 -s stereo-mode=1 movie.mkv will let Kode know the movie is 3D; the mkv file does not have to be named different. I do name the folder Name (year) 1080p 3Djust to keep track..

| sirupflex commented 5 months ago

I would like to have the 3D option, tool. But in my case for the reason to *avoid * the download of 3D versions. Means, I'd expect Radarr then not to download any 3D version unless I explicitly told it to. This would be very helpful to avoid the unintended download of 3D version.

| endoplasmic commented 5 months ago

I'll throw my hat in the ring for another vote of 3D support.

noktulo commented 4 months ago

Me too. I'd love to be able to tell Radarr I want both a 3D and a 2D version of a movie. For that matter it'd be great to be able to say I want a 4K and a 1080p version of a movie as well, because I'd rather not overload my server transcoding down a 4K version of a movie when I'm not on a 4K monitor.

| truane commented 4 months ago

Would love to see a profile added for 3D as well. Dead or not I still like it. Also need to rename them different

| ChrisColotti commented 3 months ago

This would actually be pretty useful so that you could grab a 3D and non-3D version of the movie. The trick is you need to have a different downloader profile and final location for 3D so you can have a separate 3D plex library. Not hard to do really. I was going to play with a 2nd instance of Sonarr or CP just to do 3D downloads but not sure if that's even going to work or is possible.

| johnnymorris commented about 2 months ago

3D Support would be amazing, As everyone has said, Being able to select if you want 2D and/or 3D so you can have both 2D and 3D would be amazing.

| fatt0ny commented about 2 months ago

Would love to be able to have radarr keep 2160p and 1080p version for different clients.

| jwvanderbeck commented 27 days ago

+10000 I actually submitted a PR to the Couchpotato project to support 3D as it is a must have feature for me. The Newznab API even has a 3D category.

More than this though, I would love the ability to set up a profile to allow me to download both the 2D and 3D versions in specified quality, so that I can have both on disk. Bonus points for letting me place them in different root movie directories, and support for adding Kodi/Plex compliant tags into the filename for 3D.

| thedreamfinder commented 25 days ago

Any new info about adding this? I saw someone else mentioned it in July and owner said it was planned to add this. Thanks!

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