Add an "Unmonitored" filter to the movies list

c0rnflake asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 6 comments

c0rnflake commented almost 2 years ago

Add an "Unmonitored" or "Not Monitored" filter to the current filters available for the movies/library list. This would allow movies that aren't monitored to be edited a little quicker.

| breadcan commented almost 2 years ago

and a quick / mass edit unmonitored -> monitored.

| aflores3 commented over 1 year ago

In addition (but related), a Unmonitored filter for the /movieeditor page.

I have my lists bring in movies as unmonitored and I'd like the ability to mass monitor or mass delete.

| harrv commented 10 months ago

Related, I'd like to see a list of movies that are both unmonitored and missing.

| harrv commented 10 months ago

Ignore my comment. I'm a doofus. I saw that I can get unmonitored and missing by clicking "Wanted" at the top, select the "Missing" tab, and select the "Unmonitored Only" button.

Qstick commented 5 months ago Admin

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