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jscottdouglas asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 7 comments

jscottdouglas commented over 4 years ago

Add ability to download trailers and also import trailers for movies and extras like deleted scenes etc

| benbour commented over 4 years ago


| scope999 commented over 3 years ago

Please please!

dalcon007 commented over 3 years ago

The ability to download trailers and place them in my library with a "Coming Soon" poster would be amazing! Then replace with the actual movie when the user acquires it.

| mcfalld commented over 1 year ago

Would be nice if folders named "Extras" or "Featurettes" would automatically import with the movie. Keeping its structure so that deleted scenes and alternate ending files are still separate.

whemever commented about 1 year ago

absolutely - i have many deleted sceens and bloopers and featurettes - back when you used to get an additional DVD full of this sort of stuff, which would be really helpful to bring under Radarr and stop the problems where these are wrongly identified or similar and you end up with masses of wrong entries and unhelpful items. I know thast this would also need linking in with some form of Kodi (or similar) add-in to support completely, but there readly needs to be an extras or specials directory that comprises the configuration of the movie that these elements can be stored in and properly indexed)

| danshilm commented 7 months ago

Add a checkbox to enable importing extras that are in folders. These folders can then be named according to a list that's defined just like the 'comma separated list of extra files to import' that we already have. Defaults for the extras folder name could be (non-case sensitive): - extra - extras - behind the scenes - behindthescenes - deleted scenes - deletedscenes - featurettes - interviews - scenes - shorts - other

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