Tab with list of movies with new or better releases

theotherp asked for this feature 8 months ago — 10 comments

theotherp commented 8 months ago

I prefer to let Radarr not automatically download movies. Instead I'd like to check it every couple of days and see what releases are available and select the manually. so having a tab with a list of all movies for which no download exists yet or for which a download with a better quality exists would be very helpful.

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

probably related to this: http://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+15

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

maybe related to this: http://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+44

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

i ended up seeing the reddit post for this feature request and i didnt quite understand what was intended without seeing that discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/radarr/comments/5qd2fb/how_can_i_use_radarr_like_couchpotato/

im including that link here because the discussion there really clarifies what you meant... some kind of dashboard that lists movies with releases available would be useful..

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

i think this should be another tab on the Wanted page.. right now ther is "Missing", "Cutoff unmet".. should have another page with "Releases Available" ... something like that anyway......

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

or maybe.. what would be better, would be to have a results page...where when you do "Search All MIssing" nothing actually gets downloaded, but this results page just gets populated with what radarr wouldve automatically downloaded and you can go in there and greenlight the downloads, or tweak which release it will grab etc.

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

ciould also have it for RSSSync too.. wheree RssSync doesnt actually grab anything, but just throws a grab proposal on this results page.. and then you have to go and greenlight it first.. basically a more interactive automation.. not as manual as manual.. but not as automated as fully automatic..... anyway.. just some thoughts here for future reference.

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

my last comment could be more fit on the Activity page.. instead of Wanted..

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

just cross referencing because there is something similar here: http://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+87

theotherp commented 6 months ago

Hey, thanks for the replies. Feathub didn't inform me about them and the last time I dad checked my proposal it had - 1 votes :-/

I'm hoping for this to be implemented when the other more popular requests are done. I'll keep my hopes up.

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