Filters on Calendar page to show Cinema Release Date or Physical Release date

simonk83 asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 6 comments

simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

At the moment it's a little all over the place, and not really all that useful. For example, Arrival is showing on 14th Feb which I assume is the physical release, but there's also an entry on 3rd November which I assume was the cinema release date. I'm not sure I'm really interested in the cinema release date and would prefer to only see the physical release (as that's why we're all using Radarr I assume). A filter would be good though, so those that do want to see cinema release, can if they choose.

| simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

Logan for example is showing on 24th Feb as that's when it's going to hit cinemas. I'm not interested in that, I only want to see an entry for Logan in a few months whenever we have a physical release date. However, having all these entries for stuff thats about to hit cinemas is just clutter for me and I find it hard to parse that out from other releases that I actually care about this month (physical releases).

That's probably a better explanation :D

| geogolem commented about 4 years ago

i definitely think calendar page could be improved and more filters is a good step.

| deadpool2099 commented over 3 years ago

Hope this get added to Radarr.

Av3ngeme commented over 2 years ago

Agreed, the calendar need work. Seeing the same release 2 times can get confusing especially since there isn't even a color coding difference for in theatres and physical release

| ChaosBlades commented almost 2 years ago

Yeah, in the current state the calendar is kind of useless unless you are downloading cams. Which I would think most people are not doing. What shows up on the calendar should be determined by what minimum availability you selected for a particular movie.

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