Auto-search for newly added movies

bsod99 asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 32 comments

bsod99 commented almost 5 years ago

Have Radarr automatically search your indexers when a new movie is added to Radarr from a method other than the Add Movie screen. For example: a movie from 2003 is added to your IMDB watchlist and pulled down by Radarr. Radarr will technically monitor RSS for this movie, but it has been out for a while so no new releases will be grabbed automatically. Currently you have to go to the missing tab and trigger a search. It would be convenient for Radarr to either trigger a search when it adds a new movie, or for Radarr to search for your missing movies on a certain time schedule.

| geogolem commented almost 5 years ago

i agree.. there should some feature to specify a time period or time when radarr triggers an automatic search all missing.

| fash202 commented almost 5 years ago

Definitely need this, without it things like Plex requests and adding watchlists is basically useless

| SanderScamper commented almost 5 years ago

Definitely a requirement, I use plexrequests (ombi) as my preferred easiest way of adding movies and it doesn't trigger a search.

| linds1234 commented almost 5 years ago

This would be great, I often add older movies to my IMDB which are quite old. So for them to be searched, even if it's just on a schedule, would be great.

| schlosserbd commented almost 5 years ago

only thing stopping me from completely switching from couchpotato

| louis-lau commented almost 5 years ago

Definitly need this for importing lists. But Ombi actually automatically searches it already @SanderScamper

| porkie02 commented almost 5 years ago

Ombi already auto searches you probably just need to double check the Ombi settings because it works fine here.

| alkaline9500 commented over 4 years ago

It would be nice if this were a toggle alongside "Enable Automatic Sync" and "Add Movies Monitored" but I can't really think of a case where you wouldn't want to do an initial search (assuming your Quality Profile is configured how you want it).

| desimaniac commented over 4 years ago

I use plexrequest-meteor to add movies into Radarr, but still need Radarr to automatically search for the movies once added.

| alkaline9500 commented over 4 years ago

I'm not especially familiar with C# but it seems like the magic for auto-searching is built into the Movie model itself, right? Would something like this do the trick? https://gist.github.com/alkaline9500/76f8b1072e2dbf1b1ef58b3ac4cb8ca0

| zmasterar commented over 4 years ago

I come from couch potato, and I've been puzzled by this for a time now. It radarr worked perfectly until i added some old movies, and then my problems began. I couldn't unterstand why something I assumed the default wasn't working for some movies, while others worked fine, till I went to reddit and did a quick search.

I get that it's a performance issue not to search periodically every movie that has been added, but definitely has to be, at least as an option in the list options, to search the first time an item is added. I can't see an use for adding movies through lists if radarr doesn't actually look for them at least once.

| alkaline9500 commented over 4 years ago

I certainly agree, I can't think of a good reason why you would ever want use a list to add a monitored movie and not immediately search for it. However, I think it makes more sense in the context of TV shows, which is probably why it's designed this way. If I want to start watching a TV show like The Simpsons, I might just want to see new episodes as they come out. I wouldn't want Sonarr to download 2 TB of data because I added something to a list.

That being said, we're in movie-land now, so I think automatically searching would be a safe default.

Also, periodically searching is interesting. It might not have to do every movie, every hour. But perhaps wanted movies could be put into a queue and one movie could be searched every time interval.

galli-leo commented over 4 years ago Admin

@zmasterar If you add movies with add and search, it will auto search once added. This will solve all your problems. Also a backlog search is planned to be implemented for the first release, but not a high priority atm, since it's not really necessary.

galli-leo commented over 4 years ago Admin

Also when movies are added via a list you can auto search for them now.

| zmasterar commented over 4 years ago

@galil-leo that's the thing, i do not use radarr UI to add movies. At all. I do that through lists, cause i can do it anywhere, from home, from work, from phone if i'm talking with some friend about a movie because i prolly forget about that later if i don't.

Anyway, first search is all i need and it's already implemented, i don't really care for a backlog search, because it'll appear in rss anyway, but the first search was important to me, and it works really good so far, thank you guys. I finally ditched couchpotato thanks to this.

| alkaline9500 commented over 4 years ago

It's coming in the next release! Which lists do you use? I'm on IMDb and it works alright but I'm not crazy about the iPhone app.

| stuart0001 commented over 4 years ago

Can't add to IMDB lists in android so I'm using Trakt & TMDB for now. Great to see this added.

| alkaline9500 commented over 4 years ago

You can add to your IMDb watchlist from the Android app, I was using that for a while.

| ChrisColotti commented over 4 years ago

I am looking for something like this for sure. I am trying to also figure out if this affects unreleased movies that are upcoming. It's one thing CP does both of it searches for the watch list and auto searches for a newly added movie. Seems like basic functionality. I love this app we need something besides CP.

| ChrisColotti commented over 4 years ago

@galli-leo I would argue it is somewhat important since the use case is to add a movie that's "coming but not even out yet". The way CP works is you can add a movie that you know you want but is far off in availability, and it searches for it at whatever interval you define. You then do not need to manually search for it, it just shows up. That's the beauty of the backlog search for movies it's hands off. Although you can add and search now if the movie is not even out yet it won't be found, goes into the "wanted" list and is never searched for again until you click search. I know this is the case as I had a movie that was added 2 months ago before it was on the indexers. It was never re-searched for until I manually asked to search again even though it had new postings on the indexers as new as 2 days old. To replace CP, you really need to add this feature. It seems the engine is there as "missingMovieSearch" than is invoked when you click "search all", so why not just simply add a system task with a user defined time period? That's all that's needed to really implement this.

| Valid commented over 4 years ago

@zmasterar You said first-search is already implemented? Is there an option for it in the UI?

I'm using Ombi (PlexRequest), which adds the movie to Radarr fine, but then it just sits in the list, and I have to go into Radarr manually to actually fetch the movie, which defeats the point of using Ombi in the first place.

| beeeeswax commented over 4 years ago

This is the only thing missing from Radarr for me. I don't use the Radarr UI to search for and add movies, it's almost all done via the Android app (RadarrLink). With anything but new releases, movies are added OK and set to monitored but of course nothing downloads until I manually go into Wanted and trigger some searches.

| mrdje commented almost 4 years ago

Can't believe that's not already how it work :-(

galli-leo commented almost 4 years ago Admin

@mrdje, @ChrisColotti, @Valid, @beeeeswax I am closing this as it is absolutely unecessary and will only increase pressure on indexers. When you press the correct button, when adding, Radarr will already search for your movies. If no movie is found, it will continue to "search" your indexers for releases. Thus if you manage to press the correct button it will already function like the op suggests it should.

I will probably remove the add (without searching) option to not confuse new users and make it work regardless of what frontend you use. Though again the issue is not with Radarr, but IMO more so with your frontends not implementing the API correctly.

To iterate again, periodic movie searches are completely pointless, if you hit the correct button (or your frontend implements the API correctly) and IMO people are only requesting it, because they are unaware of how the rss sync works.

JBCn1 commented over 3 years ago

Its sad to read that this will not be provided to us, when its wanted by the users. Radarr is all about automation, so why this isnt an important missing feature i dont get. Then Radarr should't accept released movies becaurse it should be a manuel search on the site.

depasseg commented over 3 years ago

How are upcoming releases found if there isn't a periodic search?

galli-leo commented over 3 years ago Admin

@JBCn1 The feature isn't needed as outlined in my post above.

@depasseg Read my post above. Radarr periodically pulls the latest releases from your indexer and can so download your movies.

sortsy commented over 3 years ago

I believe the feature is needed when using lists. I am using a Trakt watchlist to pull in all of my movies (new and old) into Radarr's wanted list. Having an auto search feature for movies auto added by lists would be awesome. Theoretically I would never have to open Radarr - I just add a movie to my Trakt watchlist and it appears in SAB.

| Hezkore commented over 3 years ago

I use the IMDb Popular List and Trakt Weekly/Yearly list and never add anything myself. That means a lot of "old" movies are added, and a big chunk of them never gets downloaded. And it's because movies added via lists never gets automatically searched for. Do this -- or a similar solution regarding lists -- is absolutely something I would like to see.

| Combatchuck commented about 3 years ago

Really wish this was addressed. I like the other people in the thread do not add movies via Radarr. I add via Obmi\Plex Request. I have people adding old movies constantly, so I am forced to login to an app that is supposed to be completely automated, just to hit search.

| lukemos commented almost 3 years ago

@galli-leo "Also when movies are added via a list you can auto search for them now."

How do I do this?

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