Plex Channel?

seanvree asked for this feature 8 months ago — 7 comments

seanvree commented 8 months ago

So I use the PLEX sonarr channel a lot! Really useful. Can you gents cook it up for Radarr?


Thanks for the hard work guys. So dope!

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

wow - i didnt even know that channel existed for plex/sonarr. i will have to check it out

| realcanadrian commented 7 months ago

Check out the more general Request channel. It's available in the unsupported app store. https://github.com/ngovil21/RequestChannel.bundle

| RolluS commented 7 months ago

I already use PlexRequests but it is not as clean as Sonarr and Radarr in terms of search result. Please, I need Radarr channel too ;)

fryfrog commented 7 months ago

Maybe it'd be a reasonable idea to ask this jamorin of the Sonarr.bundle to write a Radarr one?

fryfrog commented 7 months ago

I made an issue there, just in case he might.


| Thayios commented 5 months ago

This would be fantastic, the lazy side of me only wants one tab open for all of my Plex components.

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