'Display Existing Movies' Toggle not working

jodfie asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 2 comments

jodfie commented about 4 years ago

It appears that the 'Display Existing Movies' toggle when adding movies already on the disk isn't working.

When toggled to 'No' before searching the disk, nothing is changed. When toggled to 'No' after a search, the poster and details go away but the entry for the movie remains in the list.

This is slightly annoying as you have to wait for Radarr to scrape ALL of the movie posters and details, before you can actually hide them. So if you're just trying to re-add 1 movie, within a folder of 100+ movies you've already added, it still has to load the whole lot.

+1 for re-designing this one

| fedoranimus commented about 4 years ago


This change makes this feature no longer relevant. Movies that already exist when doing an import will not be displayed. Not much value in having it in the "Add" section.

Proposing to close this feature request.

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