Option to Toggle Monitored status after download completion

benbour asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 22 comments

benbour commented over 2 years ago

Not sure if this has been discussed, I haven't seen it anywhere yet. I understand that in Sonarr, you'd want to keep a TV show monitored as it's continuing with new episodes. I don't see why you'd need all Movies monitored after it's downloaded, should there be an option to have the movie become not monitored automatically, after a successful download?

| geogolem commented over 2 years ago

the reason you might want to moinitor them, is because you could have radarr set up to pursue higher quality releases of the movie.....

benbour commented over 2 years ago

Yes I understand the concept. While I can't speak for anyone else, I've never needed this. If I want a better quality after it's already downloaded, I'll go back in and manually search for another. The option should at least be there to say something like "Continue monitoring after successful download?" Y/N.

| darzur commented over 2 years ago

In my opinion it should unmonitor as soon as "cutoff" quality has been downloaded, but not earlier.

| geogolem commented over 2 years ago

i think we could have options for changing the monitor status.. Similar to the "Ignore Deleted Movies".. which will unmonitor movies if the files were deleted from disk (but the movie wasnt deleted from radarr)...

i think we could have a couple more options:

"Unmonitor on successful download" "Unmonitor on Cutoff met"

| deecypher commented over 2 years ago

+1 on unmonitor after cutoff met

| chuckkay commented over 2 years ago

+1 on unmonitor after cutoff met

| fryfrog commented over 2 years ago

Seriously, what does this even do? Once cutoff is met, the only download that can happen is from a proper. Which you can turn on/off if you desire. So what is the point of unmonitoring once cutoff is met? If you want to stop downloading after the first download, just set your cutoff to the lowest in your list.

| kricker commented over 2 years ago

I was just looking for this option. It would be a handy feature. I don't need things monitored once they have met the cutoff. Changing the cutoff point doesn't make it become un-monitored. Maybe it is good to keep it monitored in case your cutoff was met, but the file was jacked up and a Proper may be released. I assume it wouldn't grab a Proper release if it is no longer monitored. Still, I would prefer things are no longer monitored.

ryanmurray commented over 2 years ago

this would be a great feature because then the movies dont get rescanned every 12 hours when complete. so you dont get lots of api requests when using cloud drives

| rbroh commented about 2 years ago

The other purpose for this is to clean the list up. As an FYI, The mobile app nzb360 incorporates a feature to u monitor all downloaded movies. It's not ideal, as it seems to disregard cutoff quality. But its a good start.

Wolfeman0101 commented about 2 years ago

nzb360 is what made me think this would be helpful. Once I hit the cutoff stop monitoring.

| Reinhardtwb commented over 1 year ago

+1 on unmonitor after cutoff met

D4rkSl4ve commented 12 months ago

+1 on unmonitor after cutoff met. I would have to assume that even though the cutoff is met and the monitor is still on, doesn't Radarr still have to do a db search for all monitor movies, if cutoff met, skip, if not, search for better? Which means it's taking milliseconds, sure, to do such loop, but when you have thousands of movies or slow equipment/resources, wouldn't you want it to skip. Just a thought...

Jwhannell commented 11 months ago

This drives me nuts and wastes bandwidth. Please enable a toggle to auto disable monitoring after a movie meets the quality profile cut off once!

| jaxjexjox commented 9 months ago

For goodness sakes, PLEASE ADD THIS OPTION.

I have quality filters I'm very comfortable with, once I snatch a movie, I do NOT want radarr grabbing the film again, EVER. Unless I ask it to.

This includes me deleting it manually. This includes me moving it to another folder.

Please, STOP monitoring once a successful snatch has been done.

| littlejeem commented 8 months ago

+1 on unmonitor after cutoff met

Oshinigami commented 6 months ago

+1 Unmonitor after Cut Off is met.

What's the point of having a Cut Off if it doesn't unmonitor after meeting the Cut Off? Seriously, how has this been brought up 2 years ago and still hasn't had any action or resolution? That's insane...

| mbc0 commented 6 months ago

+1 as well, really annoying when I find 5/6 downloads of the same movie

| roads2 commented 5 months ago

+1 unmonitor if cutoff met and download proper is off

| apristel commented 4 months ago


| mariotacke commented 3 months ago

For anybody interested, I built this feature into a service: https://github.com/mariotacke/radarr-ombi-sync. Feedback welcome.

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