Handling bluray folder structures

Amelsfort asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 6 comments

Amelsfort commented almost 5 years ago

When I download a movie, I prefer a bluray disc. Most of the time, they come as a folder structure containing the bluray folders (bdmv, certificate, etc.). At this moment, Radarr is unable to handle these structure as it expects a single video file in a folder. It would be great if Radarr was able to recognize these folder structures and copy/move them as a whole to my movies folder. After all, the quality 'BR Disc' is present.

| MarioCaires commented over 4 years ago

I'm also highly looking for this feature as most of the movies I have are complete blurays! Kind of makes Radarr pointless atm... :(

droidforever commented almost 4 years ago

I would also like to see this feature implemented please. I have many 4k Blueray BDMV folders and would love these auto imported to the movies folder on my NAS.

| i3laze commented almost 4 years ago

Currently scanning BDMV folder leads to 100% CPU by “mono” process and often crashes Radarr..(

| wazzanoski commented over 3 years ago

+1 for this feature. Also duplicate of https://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+120

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