Add soundtrack format to quality definition

extratoro asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 3 comments

extratoro commented about 4 years ago

Hello, First off, I am new to radarr and sonarr so this might not be an new feature. I would be great to be able to select the soundtrack format to the quality selection. This does not make a lot of sense for TV but is a great way to filter releases when I want a movie.

Use case: - I want the latest action movie in BluRay 1080p DTS-HD - I don't care that pikachu is in aac 2.0 for my kid

SWu commented about 4 years ago

You can create a profile and add DTS as a preferred tag as a workaround

| LinusT commented almost 4 years ago

Although setting a tag can provide a sort of work around.

It lacks the fidelity of being able to set a range of acceptable versions up until cutoff. Ie I'm happy to get a 1080p 2ch English When it's available, but upgrade to a full DTS 5.1 later.

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