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Project Feature Score Description
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Shattering Steel All Projectiles option 8 Shattering Steel, as you may or may not know, can shotgun - that is, if you're up in an enemy's face, some (all) of its projectiles can hit the same target. This was bugged with Fork like Barrage and TS were, but the main projectile shotgunning remains after that bug was fixed. Therefore, a more accurate read of DPS would change the current Projectile skill mode to 1 Projectile, and add an "All Projectiles" option to have an automatically summed up DPS meter of being on top of a boss and hitting them with all projectiles.


Project Feature Comment When
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding [Value] Brands attached to this monster (Config) Alternate implementation suggestion: provide the ability to pick a number of brands attached-and-hitting, and not-attached-and-hitting. A bit more complex, but brands have AoE and Storm Brand has more damage to its attached target but Armageddon Brand does not. In any case, some brands can be AoEing a target while others are attached (several rares, mob pack on a boss, etc.) , and having the specificity of which is which would be ideal. 12 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
11 months ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Add support to inquisitor's consecrated ground nodes and the innate 100% crit chance.
12 months ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding [Value] Brands attached to this monster (Config)
12 months ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems per summoned Golem