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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
tidusjar/Ombi Integrate within Emby 1 It would be great if Ombi integrated directly within Emby so when people search for content, they get to request it directly inside Emby.
tidusjar/Ombi Localized metadata 0 Many metadata sources support multiple languages, would be nice if you could configure the language to download the metadata in.
tidusjar/Ombi Metadata in multiple languages 0 A next step to - it would be good to configure more than one language to download metadata for and match the displayed language to the user interface language.
lidarr/Lidarr Support for compilation/live albums 0 Lidarr currently does not import compilation or live albums from Musicbrainz, which means there's no way to index those tracks.
lidarr/Lidarr Support for "album artist" and multi-artist albums 10 I tend to keep my library in `Album Artist/Album Title/01. Track Title` hierarchy, which means multi-artist or "Various Artists" albums fall into different folders than usual (the artist may even have just been credited differently for this album). I understand monitoring those may be difficult, but being able to import those would certainly help.


Project Feature Comment When
lidarr/Lidarr Support for compilation/live albums Oh... Metadata Profiles... 10 months ago
lidarr/Lidarr Support for compilation/live albums Hmm I just found but can't seem to find this as an option? Has this become the only available choice? 10 months ago
tidusjar/Ombi Localized metadata Possibly a next step: 12 months ago
tidusjar/Ombi Add "View on Emby" link for available content I believe this is done? 12 months ago
tidusjar/Ombi Telegram Notification This is done now? 12 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
10 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Support for compilation/live albums
12 months ago tidusjar/Ombi View on Emby to match the custom domain server URL