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Project Feature Score Description
Anuken/Mindustry 2nd Tier Illuminator 9 The new lighting system is fantastic, but I feel like in it's current state, lighting up a base is very tedious. Getting started on a dark map is very hard, I feel like a second tier illuminator would benefit darker stages greatly. My thoughts are this: • They would cost 20 graphite, silicon and 30 metaglass. •They would be a 4x4 block • They would consume 10 P/S • They would illuminate a 15x15 or 20x20 area.
Anuken/Mindustry Lake Generation Tool/Filter 2 There is a river generation tool in the editor, I feel that there should also be a Lake generator tool. Maybe it would work very similar to the river gen. Floor one being the tiles around the lake like sand, and floor 2 being the inside of the lake and a third floor for the center of the lake, where you could put deep water or whatever.
Anuken/Mindustry Map Rule: Default Mech 37 Allows map-makers to select what mech you leave the core as. This would allow for more interesting PVP matches, interesting challenge maps. Maybe create a Dart mech pad in the build menu when a different default mech is chosen. I have seen this done in some servers and thought the idea would add some variety to the early game.


Project Feature Comment When
Anuken/Mindustry 2nd Tier Illuminator An additional thing I should mention..Maybe create a rule set that changes how much light the core produces, making set up easier as well. 5 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Map Rule: Default Mech No, you would respawn as the same default mech. 5 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Lake Generation Tool/Filter
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Indestructable Walls
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry BRING BACK INVERTED SORTER CHAINS
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry 2nd Tier Illuminator
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Display content of bridges/bridge connections/junctions/phase conveyors and allow us to pick items that are clogging them
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Download maps that I start playing or allow me to download them if I want to so I can play them again later
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Map Rule: Default Mech
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Show which item can be stored in core for helping new player
5 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Metaglass walls