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Project Feature Score Description
Kareadita/Kavita Store comic folder structure keywords as variable objects and allow the user to build their structure based on their own file system 1 while the user builds their library, have predefined keywords such as "series" "volume" "Issue" etc, that allows the user to select which keywords to use as the structure for their library.
Kareadita/Kavita support for audiobooks 0 to be all inclusively book related
Kareadita/Kavita Page turn effect 1 for both books and comics
Kareadita/Kavita 2 page support for comic reader 0 Upon opening a comic, the user would be presented with the cover page, then upon turning the page there would be a 2 page display (simulating a real comic book)


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3 months ago Kareadita/Kavita Scroll mouse to turn page