Timeout for snatched episodes. (Basic failed download function)

neoatomic asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 7 comments

neoatomic commented almost 5 years ago

As previous requested in :

From time to time SR snatches a bad nzb or torrent file (password etc.) and the download fails/stalls. If that happens SR leaves the episode on the status "snatched" indefinitely if you are not using NZBtoMedia/post processing.

As many users find setting-up post-processing difficult, it might be an idea to implement a "timeout" for snatched files/episodes. Meaning that when SR snatches an episode the download client has (for example) 24 hours to provide the file to SR. If SR does not find/receive it within this time period the snatch status is reset to "wanted" and the failed nzb/torrent is written to the failed.db to not be used again.

With this function you would have a "basic" failed download function in SR even without using post-processing scripts.

| kossboss commented almost 5 years ago

Yes!! please!! ETA?

mlofdahl commented almost 5 years ago

But not necessarily back to "wanted". If the snatched episode is an upgrade of a previous download, the status needs to go back to the quality of the existing episode.

| kossboss commented almost 5 years ago

If Snatch times out. you want to set them to Failed. So that it doesnt download the same one again. At least thats how I understand Failed status to work (if you enable both Failed options, which in my case I do have both checked). sidenote: if anyones failed dls are getting the same files. stop sickrage, delete cache.db, start sickrage.

But your right it would be best to give a variable option. maybe some want "failed" some might want "wanted"

| xios01 commented almost 5 years ago

yes! just need to declare the current snatch failed if the timeout occurs...

| brando56894 commented over 4 years ago

We really need this, I'm constantly going through my library to change 'snatched' to 'failed' and it's pretty annoying, especially when you have like 60+ shows in your database and about 9500 episodes.

guotao commented over 1 year ago

If it were too difficult to allow as the folder under root, location.href="" how about a new macro/variable that lets us do something like {Movie TitleThe:1} that will use the first letter of the title, or some other customization (and NOT require {Movie Title} as a mandatory field)。。

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