Torznab Support (More Indexers + IRC)

flightlevel asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 4 comments

flightlevel commented over 4 years ago

Implementing Torznab will give SR access to more indexers (that we don't have to maintain) and soon the ability to get releases from IRC. Have a look at how many indexers we'd have available when IRC is available. and click on autodl-trackers. Best of all from a SR point of view, its effectively implementing one new indexer, Torznab.

| jiBYo commented over 4 years ago

I like this idea, I have it installed for headphones and cp.

| miigotu commented over 4 years ago

This is done, with one caveat: torznab has no method to set sorting or minseed. After parsing the feed, I am somehow unable to get the torznab:attr seeds value so far.

| SJ50 commented over 4 years ago

@miigotu can you explain a little sorting or minseed? If I take literal meaning of minseed than criteria to snatch torrent with specified minimum number of seeder, If this is the meaning than in this case answer is 1 because it is initial release of said torrent and most probably only 1 person is seeding it unless some one cross seed it.

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