Anime Muti-episode Post Processing

MeD93 asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 2 comments

MeD93 commented about 6 years ago


Multi episode for anime is not well configure in post processing and preview rename.

For exemple :


It will detect only the 389 and not the 390. The result is that i have 389 donwloaded in sickrage but the 390 is still missing.

cbrherms commented over 5 years ago

I've been having this problem as well. Having to redownload the full 1-404 Hi10 collection as postprocessing mucked things up and i couldn't get them all back in the right order. Heard Kodi naming conventions work well though so Naruto.Shippuuden.e389e390 should get picked up correctly. I'll find out once it's redownloaded though

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