[Feature Request] Add support for WWE/UFC shows + since TVRage is now gone.

Rick7C2 asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 1 comment

Rick7C2 commented about 6 years ago

TVRage was the main selling point for using SickRage vs SickBeard (It's in the name!). The ability to use TVRage was how we would be able to download the many shows that were missing or just severely messed up in the crappy tvdb. However UFC and WWE sports was never supported in sickrage.

See the github issue here...

Also now that TVRage is gone we will need to add support for TVMaze before we can even start to walk without the crutch of tvdb.

Vote for this feature request for both TVMaze + UFC/WWE support!


Vote at the link below for ONLY TVMaze support. Though it doesn't help getting UFC/WWE working TVMaze is a must have for sickrage. So if you don't vote for UFC/WWE support at least vote for TVMaze.

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