Improve .rar extraction (par2 support)

samdchuck asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 5 comments

samdchuck commented about 6 years ago

Lately I'm getting more and more downloads where the car archive is corrupted (CRC/checksum fail). I can still extract these with third party software using the .par2 files.

Would be nice if SickRage could just do this itself.

| srluge commented about 6 years ago

-1 Wouldn't the NZB downloader already take careof this? SabNZB and NZBGet have advanced .par handling.

| samdchuck commented about 6 years ago

@srluge I don't use either of those and I prefer to use SickRage's extract. I used to use the build in extractor (from Sinology DownloadStation) but ran into problems because sick rage doesn't know about it and post-processed files midway extraction.

If that's your reasoning why have .rar extraction capability in SickRage at all?

| sege5641 commented over 5 years ago

Yeah this is really a issue on your end. Something is causing your files to become corrupted. Try disabling your anti-virus just in your downloads folder. More then likely some other program is trying to work with your downloads at the same time Sickrage is post processing.

| fdbgbgsf commented about 5 years ago

@sege5641: Nope, not running antivirus and sickrage can't extract them period, a program with proper par2 support has no issues. Reason lies at the source, redownloading the files, even from different sources often leads to the same issue.

My request is to add par2 support as an extension of the already existing rar extracting support. Not sure why everyone is trying to blame this on something else.

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