Failed download handling from Kodi #super lazyness

srluge asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 2 comments

srluge commented about 6 years ago

I'm watching my favorite show, latest episode, and despite all quality checks done by SR and other, the download is bad. Lazy as I am, I would want with a single click, from my couch, select in Kodi that the episode is flawed and that SickRage(SR) should try locate a new release and try to download that. Within in minutes a new release gets downloaded. SR notifies Kodi (already included in SR) that the episode is ready. And I happily continue watching the latest episode of my favorite show.

This probably requires a small plugin in Kodi and some API call on SR side, if not already there. Be great if the Kodi plugin could be part of SR code base.

| fdbgbgsf commented about 5 years ago

This seems like a Kodi problem, you should ask them for this capability.

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