Make daily update shows less time/resource consuming.

papampi asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 4 comments

papampi commented about 6 years ago

Daily update shows consumes so much time, bandwidth and HDD resource based on the size of TV shows library, it can be much better if it updates shows based on last time show is updated on TheTVDB, last time SR updated the show, if the show is ended or not, if the show has all the files ( nfo, banners, thumbs,....).

Its not good for life of our hard drives to get scanned every day to be checked if a show is up to date or not when it was already checked a day ago.

it also put so much stress on the servers now and it can be less stressful if SR do it more intelligently.

| WebSpider commented about 6 years ago

Actually the harddrive check is to see if there are episodes added to the dir without SR knowing about it, but it may be a good idea to move this to the ful update of a show indeed.

didyouexpectthat commented about 6 years ago

My daily update starts at 1 AM and doesn't even finish by the time 1 AM comes around again. :(

| papampi commented about 6 years ago

SR can use dir hash check or some thing similar like kodi instead of scanning each directory for new files.

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