Allow post processing of stand-alone subtitle files (Add subtitles to the watch folder, and SR moves them to the correct folder)

Joshfindit asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 4 comments

Joshfindit commented almost 2 years ago

For example:

  1. Add "" to the watch folder

  2. SR names it "Hanako & Anne - S01E08 - What is the"

  3. SR moves it to the same folder as the existing video file "Hanako & Anne - S01E08 - What is the English.mkv"

fernandog commented almost 2 years ago Admin

fernandog commented almost 2 years ago Admin

I don't like this approuch as the episode will appear in KODI/PLEX but with no subtitle available. And IMO if is in kodi/plex, there's subtitle available

| schouery commented over 1 year ago

I think this could be an interesting option to be added.

In my case, I use to download subtitles in Portuguese, but I could not make the Sickrage plugin for work. Thus, I'm manually downloading subtitles from, unraring it and moving it to the post processing dir. Currently, I'm using the option "Postpone if no subtitle", but I does not seems to work if the subtitle file is the post processing dir and the movie file is in a subfolder of the post processing dir. Because of that, I have to move files which are in a subfolder to the post processing dir manually, so they can be post processed...

If this suggestion was available, then I could allow Sickrage to post process the file even without a subtitle and, when a subtitle would eventually be added, then it would be moved to the correct subfolder. Also, I think that in this case it would not matter if the file is in a subfolder and the subtitle is in the post processing dir.

I think that this would even make sense with the subtitle setting where if you leave the Subtitle Directory empty then the subtitle is stored in the episode path.

I know that an episode would appear in Plex without a subtitle (until one is added), but for me this would be a feature. Since I'm downloading subtitles manually, I could see that an episode is available in Plex without a subtitle and then search for the subtitle myself...

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