Add option for most seeders on torrent search

frankij asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 5 comments

frankij commented almost 5 years ago

I would like it if there was an option too put on too look for the file with most seeders if downloading from torrent searchers. Now its looks like it takes a random torrent when downloading, and sometimes you get one with a few seeders that mostly seed a non-english spoken (or subtitled) show/movie. If you look at the files with most seeders it is usually in English and a lot faster too

| miigotu commented almost 5 years ago

Torrent results are sorted by seeders already. It picks the highest seeded torrent that matches your quality setting and ignored/required words.

meffect commented almost 5 years ago

I was going to upvote this because I often get torrents that have 0-1 seeder. Usually I my client doesn't connect to that seed for whatever reason. I'm using level1 iblocklist so maybe that is why. I'm debating myself if having a seeder threshold setting would make life easier or not

Does sickage ignore torrents that report 0 seeds?

| miigotu commented almost 5 years ago

Im working on removing a problem where RSS is allowed to add torrents into the cache with less seeds than your set minseeds limit. It is removed in kat and every provider I have touched recently (like extratorrent). tpb is next.

Out of all results from the cache + the ones from a normal search, they are sorted by seeders decending, and tried form the top. If it matches your criteria for quality and ignore/required workds it is selected, if not it moves down the list.

| orvi commented almost 5 years ago

Sickrage does sort by seeders but also by 'quality'. Let's say I configured my show to preferred quality of HD720p and the torrent search finds 2 results: 720p web-dl version with 3 seeders and 720p hdtv version with 200 seeders. Sickrage will snatch to web-dl version although the hdtv version has more seeders.

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