Use mysql (or mariadb) as backend database

gborri asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 13 comments

gborri commented about 6 years ago

| k4n30 commented about 6 years ago

I would suggest mariadb as that is where the industry in moving to, but still support an optional external DB solution

OmgImAlexis commented about 6 years ago

If we added an ORM then we could use whatever database you'd like.

WebSpider commented about 6 years ago

Sqlalchemy would be a good candidate for this, but we would need to see if we can do this without bringing in binaries and keep it all python

meffect commented about 6 years ago

What database software does Sickrage use now?

| miigotu commented about 6 years ago

We already have sqlalchemy. There is no reason to do something like this anytime soon btw.

| gborri commented about 6 years ago

@meffect it use sqlite

| Rick7C2 commented about 6 years ago

This is something I asked for along time ago with sickbeard. I would still like to see it in sickrage.

| kossboss commented about 6 years ago

I agree with miiigotu, why change to different type of DB if the max size of the DB is still pretty small with large number of shows, and sqlite3 is still providing results really fast. I have a friend with thousands of TV shows (if not more) and his DB file is just 10 times bigger than mine. My DB of about 100 shows is 6 MB. All of the queries to the DB are sub second. At this point the bottleneck of the UI is not the DB queries, but probably serving the pages themselves.

KimuzukashiiKuma commented about 6 years ago

@gborri. What is the added benefact of MySQL/MariaDB over the current SQLite database? Some reasoning for the change would be welcomed..

| psych0d0g commented about 6 years ago

i dont see any benefit here, sqlite is fine with me and if properly implemented performs well enough with zero setup required from the user.

boli commented almost 6 years ago

I find it frustrating that my media applications duplicate so much data across multiple databases. So my MySQL DB contains database for Kodi, but then Plex uses its own sqlite db, and SickRage uses yet another sqlite db - resulting in my server having to serve 3 seperate instances of dbs that are probably 90% the same. It would be nice if SickRage could co-exist with (for example) my Kodi DB, allowing both apps to benefit from such things as caching etc.

sammcj commented almost 5 years ago

I cannot recommend MySQL but I can certainly recommend PostgreSQL, it would be much better suited to SickRage due to its much more capable fault handling, being lighter weight, very importantly it's full text search is much more mature and far more performent. Also several of PostgreSQL's adding could be interesting.

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