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cvockrodt asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 14 comments

cvockrodt commented about 2 years ago

Add as a torrent client in SR. I would like for SickRage to automatically upload torrents to my account. There is an Oauth API available at

Branch: Master && Commit: 33e95870e0c1b241c93f541d4ee27ed6ba3bfcb8

krash1220 commented about 2 years ago

I am still very interested in this feature as well. Even if the feature just uploaded torrents to I can easily download the files once they are uploaded to my account.

WebSpider commented about 2 years ago

Are you requesting only automated torrent upload, or also download the present files from in some sort?

| robkarp commented about 2 years ago

@webspider: both would be awesome!

krash1220 commented about 2 years ago

I would also like both. I am currently using cvockrodt vbs script to upload but you can only do one torrent at a time. So I have to copy each torrent into the watch folder one at a time. But that's better than other alternatives. And then I use putio-sync to download the files from with just one click. It downloads all the files and then deletes them from But if SickRage could do both that would be awesome.

| Rick7C2 commented about 2 years ago

This would be great for both upload and download, but only if we could set downloader per provider. Obviously I would only use for public torrents. Private torrents would have to be to be seeded so would need to be downloaded locally.

| Nitrowolf commented about 2 years ago

Definitely a must have feature!

| OmgImAlexis commented about 2 years ago

I'm working on this today, we should at least have upload support within a day or so.

krash1220 commented about 2 years ago

Thank you so much.

krash1220 commented about 2 years ago

OmglmAlexis, is there an update on this feature?

krash1220 commented about 2 years ago

This is so frustrating and disappointing. There must be someone out there who knows how to do this kind of stuff that can add support to SickRage, if they can do it in Couchpotato. In Couchpotato there is a folder called \core\downloaders\putio but from there I have no idea. I wish I was smart enough to learn how to do python scripting.

krash1220 commented about 2 years ago

Well, I went directly to the source of couchpotato and asked about a script that would work the same in sickrage. With no luck. They did however suggest that whomever might be working on it could take a look at this:

I have made several attempts to do for sickrage. Sadly the sickrage code is very hard to work with and I have never made any headway. The hardest part with is that it needs OAuth, which for CouchPotato goes through the to get the proper keys etc. So next to the python part, sickrage needs a server to do the oauth part.

So if there is anyone out there who might be able to figure it out from all of that, maybe it might happen. :-(

datashaman commented almost 2 years ago

I've created a small python application which uses the API to upload torrents and download files. I setup my Sickrage to use a Torrent black hole. I configure this application to look for torrents in the same folder, and download to the same folder that Sickrage uses for post-processing. It uses Python so it's pretty simple to understand and adapt.

dumaresq commented almost 2 years ago

I wrote the putio plugin for couchPotato. Someday I will probably have time to do the same for sickrage, but I will need help from the sickrage dev, because of the OAUTH issue mentioned above.

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