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CasaP asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 27 comments

CasaP commented about 6 years ago

An ability to set min / max size limits for different qualities, just like in CouchPotato. This would mean that we don't have to go into Sab / rTorrent etc. and cancel a download for a 30 minute HD episode thats over 7gb!!

How many times has that happened to you?

Once the limits are set downloads / bandwidth moves no longer get hammered. Bye bye lazy encoders.

| miigotu commented about 6 years ago

Please dont compare us to couchpotato. We have a different set of goals and views and possibilities.

CasaP commented about 6 years ago

Sorry, not making a comparison with CP, just think its a good feature to have for SickRage. No offence meant.

| PhuriousGeorge commented about 6 years ago

This would be a great option. Getting 1GB files when searching for 1080p and 5GB when looking for 720p is a bit frustrating.

kossboss commented about 6 years ago

I third this motion! This would be awesome! You can make it better than CP. By adding a feature to size limits, to bypass sizelimits (lol!). CP seems to always obey size limits, without any feature to bypass them (I assume you can get this feature by settings the MAX to a really high number and MIN to 0) SR could expand by adding option to by-pass size limits for certain qualitys, or tvshows. example: I want my 1080p being between 0 to 4 Gig, 720ps between 0 to 2 gig, but my SDtv I dont care what size they are (as they are usually really small, in my case). Then if you want more custom options, you could set something like Game of Thrones to have no size limits on its qualities because you dont mind if it gets the biggest highest quality file.

| Mikk36 commented about 6 years ago

It's also annoying to get 200 MB 720p downloads instead of the usual 1GB ones.

| runewa commented about 6 years ago

Or 16GB 720p Blueray downloads for that matter. A max/min setting pr. quality would easily have solved this.

| Al3-x commented about 6 years ago

I really want this feature as well. I just started using SickRage and I love it, but what's the point in automating the search and download process when I have to manually check the file sizes and remove almost everything that SR adds to my download list. My most often case, I want 1.6b 1080p web-dl episodes, and I got 500mb and 4gb most of the time!

jamaroney commented about 6 years ago

This would be an OUTSTANDING feature!

| tonylewis42 commented about 6 years ago

Yes please first one to get this option gets my permanent install

| alienx2 commented almost 6 years ago

sound good idea.. like range of size set minimum size and set maximum size...

Nagisan commented almost 6 years ago

Needs to happen, I just caught SickRage downloading a single episode at 720p of a 90 minute show with a size of over 4GB.....

| biscuitboy1980 commented almost 6 years ago


Ebility commented almost 6 years ago

Yuup, this would be a great feature

ScrawnyB commented almost 6 years ago

+1, Please add this feature. My SickRage just managed to help itself to a nearly-50GB single episode of a TV show. That is beyond insane.

| binarylimited commented almost 6 years ago

+999999999999 this feature would be great. I love how sickrage automates everything.

However, without this feature...I might as well delete sickrage because I have to go back to the downloaded files and recheck everything manually and delete the big files. Defeats the whole automation thing.

You can doo it :)

| slybas commented almost 6 years ago

I had problems with my NAS getting full, after checking what happened I found out there where hoge amounts of HD files over 4gb for 40 minutes of playtime. The only thing I can do is delete the big files and download manually :( Coders of Sickrage give us a min max filesize setting.

| ncl2fth commented almost 6 years ago

I echo this sentiment. My 8TB NAS also filled up when I was used to sub 1G 720 files and then they started coming in at 2-4gb, varying. A min-max would be easier to manage and prevent a lot of re-work.

Pieeeeeee commented almost 6 years ago

+1 Now there's an 8,5gb file downloading for a 40 minutes episode. I constantly have to check the downloads and redo them manually

| static418 commented almost 6 years ago

+1 for me, too. It's started downloading obviously fake files that have the right names but it's just a rar'd torrent file. Why on earth is there no way to set minimums? <50kb is obviously not a HD quality show.

| Ackman999 commented over 5 years ago

This seems like a no brainer, with data caps becoming more and more common.

| sege5641 commented over 5 years ago

Size's of files are getting out of control. I can't allow Sickrage to pick torrents anymore. File size's around 2-3gb are becoming common. I have already filled a 5tb drive.

| ncl2fth commented about 5 years ago

Yes please add this. Also suffering from needlessly large files and back to mostly manual downloading.

spawnreaper commented almost 5 years ago


mdvorak commented almost 5 years ago

Really need this. Note that its hard to do this for whole series download feature. But if it would work for single episodes only, still fine by me.

giantkingsquid commented almost 5 years ago


| sege5641 commented over 4 years ago

Time to switch to Sonarr folks! Lightyears ahead of Sickrage. I finally couldn't stand the limitations from Sickrage and switched two days ago. OMG so much better.

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