Make UI mobile friendly

firowind asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 10 comments

firowind commented about 6 years ago

Make UI mobile friendly like couchpotato recently did

| HitsvilleUK commented about 6 years ago

Love this idea. Although ShowsRage is a major leap forward for SickRage apps on Android, i also own a Windows phone. The lack of a decent app for WP would become irrelevant with the same kind of mobile ui that CP offers.

| Rick7C2 commented about 6 years ago

Down voted though it would be nice to have e better design desktop or mobile, There are many other features that should be fixed or added. One being adding support for sports (WWE UFC etc...) One of the selling points of sickrage vs sickbeard that has never completly worked.

| ColdIce1 commented about 6 years ago

Downvoted this one. There are more important things to do. Agree with |Rick7C2 This would be a nice feature for a future milestone.

| Bart274 commented about 6 years ago

Updated this one. Downvoting should only be used for features you don't think would work well, not if you would prefer other features first.

| warplayer commented about 6 years ago

I disagree with the people saying this isn't important. We watch our shows from the couch, our TV download management should be easily accessed from the couch as well.

| Rick7C2 commented about 6 years ago

@Bart274 If you could only have 3 active votes, would this be one? I think feathub should implement this. Most other company's that I see offer this type of system limit the active votes to force the user to make the best decision.

@warplayer Do people really access sickrage that often? Its more of a set it and forget it thing for me. Because SickRage automates everything, I no longer have to.

Also i'm not saying its not important. I would love SickBeard to have every feature possable even if 99% of the features are useless to me. This is a priority thing. Every feature request is exactly that. A feature request. The up/down votes are there so the members can priorities the order that the devs fill the requests as long as there is no technical issues that would prevent the feature from being added.

I'm also not mad about your votes. Thats what they are here for. Just sharing my thoughts on of this (should?) work.

| Rick7C2 commented about 6 years ago

Option: Fixed number of votes per user

githead001 commented about 6 years ago

A responsive UI would be great. Probably a good task for someone that's talented with JavaScript/CSS, yet lacking a bit with python -- that way development of the back-end can proceed uninhibited.

| Bart274 commented about 6 years ago

@Rick7C2: agreed, if I would have a limited active votes, I would only vote for the requests I really want first.

I want this feature however. Everything runs on my pc at home, but I never use my pc itself, I use it as a media server, so I want to access sickrage from my iPad.

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