Show and link manually unrecognised files to an episode

Al-25 asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 3 comments

Al-25 commented almost 2 years ago

This request is not from me but i would definitly like to see it in sickrage :

See :

"From time to time I download a special or some other episode that doesn't get detected by SR. The only way to fix this is to go and rename the file enough for SR to know what the file is. It would be very useful if SR allowed me to select undetected files and map them manually to episodes. It would save me the trouble of first going to SR to find out the actual identifier for the show, then heading back to the file and renaming the file (paying attention to the required format) and then going back to SR to rescan.

One stop solution would be lovely. "

| RadeoSuicide commented almost 2 years ago

+1 That would be so good if it was implemented as Specials tend to never work for me.

| snigel commented 9 months ago

Really missing this. So annoying trying to rename specials or weirdly named episodes time and time again until the post processer recognizes it.

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