Be able to see all snatchable torrents, and which one was snatched. Then be able to overwrite existing version

meffect asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 3 comments

meffect commented about 2 years ago

Per torrent, a screen or widget that will allow me to see snatchable torrents and which one SickRage snatched. If I find a video SickRage grabbed was no bueno, I can simply overwrite the file by clicking on a different snatchable torrent provider. Then sickrage will handle the rest, and overwrite the file in the destination directory with the new one

| snowwing commented about 2 years ago

I actually requested something similar ( but it was rejected as not much use. I would find it useful though as I find fairly regularly on torrent sites a bad version of a show is uploaded early and gains a lot of traction (seeds/leech) and is therefore the one snatched and downloaded. But I only find that out when I try and watch the show. If I could click through to the site from the history tab to review the comments, etc. I could more quickly determine it's a bad download and then initiate a download of a better version - possibly through manual download if it is implemented -

| snowwing commented about 2 years ago

I tried using the min seeders/leechers functionality to reduce bad downloads but unfortunately that only works if all your shows are very popular - I have some shows which never get a lot of seeders and they then never get snatched (so maybe another feature request would be min seed/leech per show).

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