Download and hash NZB as way of identifying release so same failed NZB from different indexer(s) is not re-attempted.

githead001 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 3 comments

githead001 commented over 3 years ago

I haven't looked at the relevant code to verify this, but it doesn't appear that sickrage uses the actual NZB for identifying a given NZB, but rather the "NZB name" (Is that the "title", "guid", ...,?), which could and apparently does vary from indexer to indexer. When using custom newznab indexers, the same failed NZB seems to be retried again and again, once for each indexer. I would think this wouldn't happen if a hash of the NZB was used to identify the failed NZB. (Although, I suppose it's possible the otherwise identical NZB (point to same posts) varies slightly from indexer to indexer as well?)

| EqUaTe commented over 3 years ago

You'd probably need to look at the part id's, a hash of the nzb itself wouldn't necessarily match even if the contents were the same...

| EqUaTe commented over 3 years ago

it /should/, but it depends on if the nzb generator adds any crap, whitespace differences, etc..

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