scroll only the actual show/episode list but leave everything else (column description for shows) on top

SirApokalypse asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 2 comments

SirApokalypse commented almost 2 years ago

only the actual/real list(s)/entries in the table on the show list(main page) in between the the blue line(s)(=column desciptions) should scroll and not the whole page.

So ypu alway see the blue line of eg.:

Next EP Prev EP Show Network Qualty Downloads Active Status

^ | | SCROLL only here / this list / entries / table content. |


add show

And always show also this bottom info when scrolling the show list or episode list :

xxx Shows (xxx Active) | xxxxx / XXXXX Episodes Downloaded (Xx.X%) | Daily Search: 0:00:11 | Backlog Search: 14:06:10 Memory used: 129.38 KB | Load time: 5.1443s / Mako: 4.7447s | Branch: master | Now: 2015-10-01 00:37:21.472261+02:00

| kossboss commented almost 2 years ago

I +1 this for a beautiful and elegant GUI idea!

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