Re-scan files. Every set minutes. For shows that have snatched files.

rustyred5 asked for this feature over 5 years ago — 4 comments

rustyred5 commented over 5 years ago

Rescan files for shows that have a file snatched. - Give the use the option for scan time. Like every 360 mins. - maybe a number of scans to prevent scanning forever on a failed download. this would even help clear snatched episode status. Or even a once a day rescan on all shows missing episodes. This would even help clear wanted episode status of shows manually downloaded.

psyciknz commented about 5 years ago

I wouldn't mind this as well. Mostly for items that for some reason are picked up via backlog to a torrent but I know should be on usenet (I have usenet only for daily). So would like items that are snatched to keep being searched in the daily search.

| stappel commented almost 5 years ago

As i look in the code the refreshDir() function is only called from the show update Queue. This is only called once a day, or forced by hand by clicking the re-scan files button. i would like to see it a separate item in the Queue which i scan schedule more often. If i have watched a show i remove it from the NAS. I would like to reflect this in SickRage much more quicker.

jpborjas commented about 4 years ago

DItto. I'm now starting to record shows via PlexDVR, and it is redundant for SickRage to download an episode already existing.

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