Add h265/HEVC quality format

mvivaldi asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 24 comments

mvivaldi commented almost 2 years ago

Could be useful to have an x265 option in the quality format, for now I need to put x265 in the required world.

| RyoShinzo commented almost 2 years ago

Yes, please add this feature. 720p with h265 releases only need 200MB for an one hour show, compared to SD with h264 releases that already need ~350MB!

| dejavous commented almost 2 years ago

Indeed, I've gone down the same route mvivaldi suggested, but would be nice to have an option to select this.

| jaffacake commented almost 2 years ago

This should work in reverse too. My media players can't play HEVC/h265 in hardware and it the CPUs can't keep up, my old media player won't even try to play it :(

| labrys commented over 1 year ago Admin

This feature is currently in the works, however it may not be implemented till we implement db changes.

jamaroney commented over 1 year ago

For those like me who want to EXCLUDE x265 files, simply include "x265" in "Ignored words" under Search Settings.

| nebuchar commented over 1 year ago

This would be useful to prevent h265 to be downloaded

| phatdawg commented over 1 year ago

This would be awesome

| forkless commented over 1 year ago

This would be a good feature to have, that said some size limiting needs to be implemented as well. Some people/releasegroups are a bit too zealous with their compression. 200MB for a 45min TV show is too compressed for my taste.

| Sarcas666 commented over 1 year ago

Please! SR keeps trying to replace my HEVC encoded series, messing everything up again and again...

MrSinisters commented about 1 year ago

Bump Please add this

| stefanheijnen commented about 1 year ago

Any update for this feature request?

| Itzak613 commented 10 months ago

This would be great!

| nucshuco commented 10 months ago

Please add

internalsystemerror commented 9 months ago


anderbytes commented 9 months ago

Good idea

| crewone commented 9 months ago

I would prefer this also, as more series are in better quality in H265 these days.

| crewone commented 9 months ago

I would prefer this also, as more series are in better quality in H265 these days.

| DrEVILish commented 5 months ago

I want to be able to set h265 as a higher priority than h264 but not to not download h264, only if h265 isn't found to download the other version. I'm getting stuck with my shows with multiple formats all over the place.

| SGTRxTx commented 5 months ago

x265 is getting fairly mainstream now. I would love to shrink my library's disk space requirements by a third. Any news on x265 prioritisation support? Is it still dependant on changes to the DB? Any idea of a rough time frame?

| MarioCaires commented 4 months ago


| Tobacula commented 3 months ago

I'd love this. I changed preferred to 1080p and have been getting a lot of my 720p file replaced, I've noticed that most of the seasons that SR is updating have HEVC/x265 versions, and I'd prefer this over x264. On average the season sizes are about 60% smaller.

| kossboss commented 3 months ago

This is very important feature to have in the works as it halfs the size of many videos without quality loss (or not significant quality loss at least). I hope this feature is implemented correct. Lots of series don't come in x265. However x265 is amazing. Also, currently episodes come out in x264 first (at least thats the pattern). It would be smart if this is implemented like so: an option exists to set x265 as preferred encoding over other encodings. This means if a new episode of a show comes out in x264 first, then we will download that x264 version, then once x265 of the same resolution (eg 720p/1080p/etc) or better comes out, it will download it in x265. Finally, have an option to convert all existing videos to x265. This can be done by looking thru all the videos that are x264, and looking for their x265 counterpart (of the same or better resolution). Anyhow, thats how I would implement it. Im just giving some ideas is all.

mesa57 commented 30 days ago

newznab specifications now supports category 2045 : TV/UHD which will be included in spotnet/spotweb newznab provider in the near future.

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