Archive feature (Delete or move data)

superkat1111 asked for this feature almost 6 years ago — 4 comments

superkat1111 commented almost 6 years ago

Would be good to have an archive button. I have multiple file stores but only limited space on my NAS. Having the ability to archive off an entire season, by either deleting or moving, would be really useful and save time and disk space.

tdev5 commented over 5 years ago

@superkat1111, how would you update your player (e.g. Kodi) to tell it that the episodes moved? Would there be a way to maintain your watched statuses?

I'm interested in this feature too, but I'm not sure it'd be that simple - I mean I don't think just doing it in SR will be sufficient.

| younglions commented over 4 years ago

@tdev5 simple script would be fine. ie: remove from database, rescan, mark as watched, repeat.

TonioRoffo commented over 4 years ago

Also this is handy when using unionfs or similar. Sickrage could move data to the cloud and the unifying filesystem doesn't get affected

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