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hennning asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 22 comments

hennning commented over 3 years ago

Let the user do a manual search to choose any Quality or Release to download. Possible scenarios when this could be useful:

  • When you don't want to wait for a release with the higher quality you normally want and can settle with a SD release.
  • You want to download a SD release for practical reasons to move to a mobile phone on the road where you have limited storage.
  • Subtitles in other languages than English are often limited to one type of release or Scene releases and you want to specify what release you want when downloading an episode or a season pack.

Reference ticket: #989 (

| miigotu commented over 3 years ago Admin

I plan to start on this feature soon. Really liking the way it will make the constantly improving UI feel, and should make a lot of users happy.

We are nearing a stage where 1 or 2 features of this size can be worked in without breaking SR too much.

c0derMick commented over 3 years ago

It would be great if there was a way to download the higher quality show when it did become available automatically. I have manually put some of my shows down, just to get the episodes, but I would still like to get them in better quality if they become available.

| mjjstorey commented over 3 years ago

Along with this feature it would be great to be able just to paste a magnet or torrent URL in directly to allow for issues with searches

| cr08 commented over 3 years ago

This. I always prefer HD where I can get it. However there's a few shows that very rarely post in HD. I'd like to have these more or less be run as 'grab the first thing that becomes available with no care for quality or release group, upgrade to HD later if it becomes available'. Sounds like it would be very similar to proper searches actually.

| alzeric commented over 3 years ago

I think handling this sorta how CouchPotato does would be good, if you are not familar with it it pulls a list of torrents it "thinks" is the closest match to what you are looking for and you can then choose which one you want.

| hennning commented over 3 years ago

So, any news about this? Or any other feature for that matter. Would be nice to be able to see what you are working on right now, maybe some time schedule somewhere that shows when you plan to start working on different improvements.

| hennning commented over 3 years ago

Would have really needed this today. I had set up The Big Bang Theory to get auto downloaded on 720p HDTV. It downloaded a version that for some reason had 0 seeders and 400 leechers and has been like that for several hours now. I tried deleting the torrent and manually set the status to Wanted, but it tried to download the same torrent again even though there were other torrents with the same quality available.

If I had just been able to manually search I could've told SickRage to download another version instead.

This just shows how automation can't handle everything because there is always gonna be unforeseen errors that'll need a manual touch. This is also a perfect example to why we need the same implementation for subtitles as requested here:

| hennning commented over 3 years ago

Ok, just realized I could set the status to Failed and it would ignore that release, so I guess there were a manual handling around that issue :)

But still, automation works great in a perfect world. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world.

| oxygala commented over 3 years ago

Here's one example why we should be able to choose what to download: Today, I tried to add Danish hit series "Forbrydelsen" (The Killing) to SickRage through the "Add a Show" feature. The interface could find and add the show. However, as it automatically changed the show's name to "The Killing" and searched it on torrent sites that way, it downloaded the utter crap American nonsense named "The Killing" adapted from the Danish original. Also it failed to find the Swedish series "Bron/Broen" because it automatically changed the name to "The Bridge." This is annoying. We need this feature. Urgently.

| duelistjp commented over 3 years ago

Would like this as well maybe also a cutoff for quality as well where it downloads the best it can find and keeps upgrading air finds better tool it reaches a cutoff quality

| hennning commented about 3 years ago

Once again I encountered a situation where Manual Search would help me alot. Pretty Little Liars had a special episode today, but SickRage can't find it even though it's there. If I could just press a "search" button in SickRage and it would bring me the latest episodes uploaded to my providers it would help me alot, especially when working on a phone.

Also, this if getting quite ridiculous with this FeatHub. It's been live for over 2 months now, this feature has been number one from day one. Only 20 cases has been closed and you got 264 open. Don't get me wrong, you guys do a wonderful job and put a lot of your free time to ease our lives. But we get no info (that I could find anyway) about what you do and what you work on. For example, why has your number 1 requested feature not been implemented after 2 months? I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation to it. I'm just so tired of going into this request hoping to see an update from a developer.

| ulrick65 commented about 3 years ago

This seems like a huge adder based on how folks want it to work, so not surprising that it is taking a while to implement. Sonarr has this ability and it was one of the things I thought was really cool when I was testing it out...but SR is better at a lot of other things in my opinion. Adding this feature would be a huge upgrade and therefore has my vote!

| ward0 commented about 3 years ago

I spoke with in IRC , thats why i'm responding here also.

I have this setup > serie > required words : LOL,DIMENSION I use opensubtitle for sub seeker.

EP11 has MKV file = LOL EP12 has MKV file = DIMENSION

I want SR to "check" for the subs if they can contain my required words and start looking for torrent from there

Now i have LOL,DIMENSION but i never what SR will download , if its incorrect = no sub found ( i use provider check )

I can test this in DEV if you want and provide feedback , mail contact is possible : wardcoysman(@)

p0psicles commented about 3 years ago

I'm a little in doubt on how users would see this implemented? Like using a text input and to enter a search query? That would go through all your configured providers and use that search query, give back all torrents/nzb results, for which you can select an start downloading? Because that's not entirely how sickrage works. As we only search for indexed shows.

I could image an additional step is build in, for when you click a button for a specific episode, it navigates you to a page with all the results. Ignoring qualities and other automatic filters. Where you then can click a download button.

Also for the original feature request by hennigs, there are already solutions for the use-cases he described?

| chqp commented almost 3 years ago

implementation should show all search results for a specific show including file size, sourcetype, source, etc. and an interface where you can check all sources you want the downloaders to download.

| tjenvy commented almost 3 years ago


| tjenvy commented almost 3 years ago

Yeah I would further add that keywords do tend to mess things up a bit so having this feature would really help, and maybe some sort of override button? For example::

Deadliest Catch, S12E04 title is "Sweedish Twins" Well "sweetish" is an ignored word ( I fixed that now) but it would not download and only gave the error of "a release not wanted" thats it. I figured it out but still. Keeping the automated system is fine, but clicking the search from the shows page, would then trigger the override and present another screen such as Adaur's suggestion. Or atlas give an "override keywords/quality" box.

labrys commented over 2 years ago Admin

| XxUnkn0wnxX commented 10 months ago

TBH this kinda stupid, Sonarr has this and SR doesnt? I don't want to go through a 3rd party build just for such a simple feature :( & @miigotu 2 years past? still need more time?

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