Rename/move the LOCATION (or foldername) of a TV-show

KimuzukashiiKuma asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 2 comments

KimuzukashiiKuma commented about 2 years ago

At the moment the name of the folder of any TV-show is the name that the indexer gives the show and the location is set when first adding the show. I would like to have the ability to change that within SickRage.

  • Reason:

The foldername is determined by the Indexer. The location is set when the show is added. The path to the show would then be something like this:
/mnt/LOCATION/The TV-show

Although Sickrage can sort the shownames without the articles ( a/an/the ), most filemanagers don't ... so I change this manualy to something like this:
/mnt/LOCATION/RST/TV-show, The (2015-..)

After this I have to edit the show in Sickrage and change the location to the new location.
It would be nice if I could do this within SickRage.

  • Implementation:

In the edit page of a show, you can select the location of the show.
Below that I would imagine a button with the title "Move to new location" and an input field where the new location can be written.

  • Caveats:

^ If the new location is on another drive, it could take a long time to move the show. Maybe some background process like refresh or update, with a header indicating that the show is being moved to a new location.
^ The new location must be writeable for SickRage.

  • Note:

At the time of writing this request, there's a simular request:
He is however asking for multiple features, of which this is one of them.

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| didyouexpectthat commented almost 2 years ago

It would be convenient to have SR allow transfer of files between the libraries. I have been wanting an easier way to transfer all the Anime to another Library without just using mv.

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