Sickrage as provider for sickrage ( download from SR server of a friend )

exxodus asked for this feature almost 6 years ago — 4 comments

exxodus commented almost 6 years ago

I got many friends using SR. What about to be able to add friends SR server as source for downloading episodes? Imagine they are already downloaded a full show or the last episode you're seaching for. Adding SR as provider for SR ( with authentification of cause ) and creating a network of "friends SR server" for sharing shows.

didyouexpectthat commented almost 6 years ago

Sounds like you guys should setup a VPN and post-process/copy each other's folders. This would involve some kind of VPN, direct transfer, or btsync...

| rmbleeker commented almost 6 years ago

@didyouexpectthat I don't think setting up a folder sync over a VPN or btsync would do it, since there is no way for the different SickRage installations to know if someone else is already in the process of downloading a certain episode.

SR already has the "Download url" option under General -> Interface to expose episodes to the outside world. Combine this with an index file or database at the root of the url that other SR installations can use to look for new episodes before snatching them themselves. Put all of this behind an .htaccess file for authentication and you're in business I think, unless I'm missing something?

| Cmoi20 commented over 4 years ago

Thank you for this first answer. I've tried to link two sickrage and I don't know how to configure client sickrage to download file available in master sickrage. can you please explain how to configure this ?

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