Filtering in Mass Update Screen

syrys asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 6 comments

syrys commented over 2 years ago

Lets say i have a collection of 50 shows and 50 anime, and i want to mass update the quality (or any other setting) of all anime shows. To do this, i have to goto mass update page, and select all 50 anime individually and click edit.

Can we simply implement a simple search/filter feature on this page, so i can search for "ALL ANIME" and use the "select all" option to select all Anime? Similarly search by name, type, state, quality are all very useful.

I would assume this sort of functionality is quite simple to implement, plenty of JS libraries out here to help with this (angularjs for example)?

| syrys commented over 2 years ago

May as well add similar functionality to the home page as well?

| fernandog commented over 2 years ago Admin


| syrys commented over 2 years ago

This is awesome, but there is a slight bug/issue on the implementation.

There is no logical way i could find to filter the true/false (check/cross) columns. Maybe add a fliter option above from a free text field to a dropdown (blank/true/false)?

miigotu commented over 2 years ago Admin

its "Y" or "N"

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