Add AniDB indexer support

MrsAngelD asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 10 comments

MrsAngelD commented over 3 years ago

Currently SR uses thetvdb or tvrage as indexer for animes(just like it does for normal shows). I'd like to see the option(or the default) to use AniDB as indexer for anime.

The current indexers work terrible with anime, for example FairyTail S2 ep1 (if you continue numbering where S1 stopped, episode 176), is defined as S05E01 on thetvdb and tvrage. This is just one example, as about every anime that consists out of more than 1 season are messed up like this.

Adding this will also add the functionality to display anime's in their Japanese name rather than their (IMHO ugly) Englishified name.

I understand adding AniDB is very difficult and requires a lot time, but IMHO it is worth it and I'd love to see it being added in the future.

| OnigamiSama commented over 3 years ago

Yep, AniDB support would be really great

| anzerman commented over 3 years ago


| anzerman commented over 3 years ago

Also, not sure if it ties in with this or if it should be separate.

File hashing for anime would be very useful. AniDB uses CRC to match files. If sickrage could generate these then the file matching wouldn't rely on the name of the file.

| RabidWolf commented over 3 years ago

Looks like this isn't going to happen going by what 1 of the coders thinks. This is what miigotu had to say when talking of Anime; "To be honest, many of us would rather NOT have anime in SR at all. It is hella headache." :-(

| Rickol91 commented over 3 years ago

Too bad this isn't build in yet. The current indexers do not find anything (OK, 2 out of 10) First i thought of lacking search providers but this is not the problem here. It uses the wrong search query's. Besides adding AniDB as indexer i would also be happy with something where i can edit the episode namings.

| skmagiik commented over 3 years ago

I wish they would consider this. I don't like having to skip a few of my shows because they aren't on TVDB

| dmarcelino commented over 3 years ago

Good anime support was one of the things that made me switch from junalmeida's Sick-Beard to SickRage, so I hope SR keeps supporting and improving anime features despite the headache :)

| dreaganluna commented over 3 years ago

yes, that was one of the reasons for me as well. I would like at least some focus to remain on anime among the devs. :/

| Tearow commented almost 3 years ago

please add this feature as english anime names are unable to snatch the episodes

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