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MrsAngelD commented almost 4 years ago

This specifically refers to things like National Geographic documentary's which are not released with either an air by date or episode number, but instead by episode name. Would it be possible to get the option to search by episode name in scene exception?

The TVDB lists each episode of National Geographic Documentaries by season (ie 2015x8) however episodes are being released without these they are instead released by the name of the episode.

For example the first episode of National Geographic Documentaries for the most recent season is listed on tvdb as

Season: 2015 Episode: 01 Title: The Raising of The Costa Concordia

However a search for National Geographic Documentaries s2015e01 or National Geographic Documentaries 2015x01 won't return any results because the episodes aren't being released with season/episode numbers. Instead in order to find the episode you have to search for the title in this case it would be "The Raising of The Costa Concordia" Which sickrage does not do. Therefore in order to get episodes I have to manually search for them by name, else no results are ever returned.

This also seems to effect BBC Documentaries, and History Channel Documentaries

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