Season specific naming for Anime

Quiksmage asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 5 comments

Quiksmage commented about 2 years ago

Adding request from Fenikkusu

I've had this issue a good number of times already.

In the case of Anime, often times the Seasons have different names (IE: SAO, SAO II), but are considered part of the same series based off TVDB/TVRage. This causes issues in that when post-processing occurs, files will be named based off the enclosing show, not the actual show name. (IE: Season 02/SAO - S2E1 instead of Season 02/SAO II)

If seasons had names, the name could be used for the folder when using folder based seasons. Additionally, the Season Name could be used in File Naming. IE: SAO/SAO/S1E01, SAO/SAO II/S2E01.

This also creates issues when loading existing shows, as I am forced to manually rename all the files for the additional seasons (named based off the season named) and move them so that SR finds them properly.

This could be populated from TVRage/TVDB as an additional feature.

| Quiksmage commented about 2 years ago

Another thing I would add, if this were to be implemented, is the ability to define this as we would for "scene names" so that we can make something work on a season by season basis if auto-populated ones didn't work. There's a decent amount of anime shows this season that don't even download because they can't be found (rss auto-dl saves the day here).

| Dingmatt commented about 2 years ago

I'd agree with this except using the season name within the folder structure, SickRage needs to be able to download a second season (named "the second coming" for example) but store it in the traditional folders (i.e. "Season 2").

At the moment either SickRage can't find the other seasons due to a different name or if it does it'll tend to snatch them and overwrite season 1 with whatever it downloads (very annoying tbh).

| Quiksmage commented about 2 years ago

Yes, I'd prefer Season 2 Season 3 etc. The main problem is that it can't find the episodes and also as you said, process them.

crowaust commented almost 2 years ago

I'm guessing that using AniDB for the indexer would help with allot of this, so consider supporting if you haven't already

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