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EZarnosky asked for this feature almost 6 years ago — 3 comments

EZarnosky commented almost 6 years ago

I have a seedbox which I use to download torrents. After it completes the completed torrent moves to a directory that Syncthing then syncs to my home server. After the sync SickRage runs post processing on that directory. SickRage then deletes the '.stfolder' file that is in the root of the that folder. Once the file is gone Syncthing detects that as a problem and will no longer sync that directory until that 0 byte file is present again.

I have tried to tell SickRage to ignore the .stfolder file, but then it identified the directory and subdirectories as still in a sync status and will not post process anything.

Feature Request: Can SickRage be have the added feature to internally ignore the .stfolder file?


| trendless commented almost 5 years ago

Can confirm this still happens and there's no setting in the Post Process section that allows filenames to be ignored.

mhertel commented almost 5 years ago

Yes, it's happening to me as well, but it just started happening in the last few weeks..

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