Kodi Watched Status (bi-directionnal)

remylpat asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 8 comments

remylpat commented over 3 years ago

It could be really usefull to reflect on Sickrage the "watched status" of an episode. And also to click on the episode to mark it as watch on kodi through Sickrage web interface.

| OIK2 commented over 3 years ago

| srluge commented over 3 years ago

+1. Please note that Kodi allows multiple profiles / users, each having a database where their watched status of episodes / shows is saved. For a show not entirely watched, it also save how far along one is watching the episode. It be great, if this feature is added to SR, it would allow to show the status of not just the Default profiles, but any, or even multiple.

Took a short look to the latest Kodi API, but can't discover a call to fetch the watched status.

| NicoLeOca commented over 3 years ago

what about a integration instead? it has plugins for Kodi, Plex and it's also supported by many other apps across different OS.

| gborri commented over 3 years ago

probably we need to have watched status on sickrage before reflecting on Kodi.

bertenvdb commented over 3 years ago

I'd also love watched status but using Trakt .

| OmgImAlexis commented over 3 years ago

I honestly don't understand the point in this feature request?

| ikriz commented about 3 years ago

I'd be happy with this (dont need the profile support) just want to be able to see what i've already watched without having to turn on my tv and browse to the show. Dont want to use trakt.

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