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sepuku asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 4 comments

sepuku commented over 3 years ago

Moving a post I posted before in the other GitHub thread, with the way I saw this feature working... I would still LOVE to see this added into SickRage.

I requested this a few years ago on the SickBeard forums, and I'm pretty sure there were other requests for this too. The way I see this working, is much the same way as it is done on Couchpotato. 1. You would able to add as many public watchlist URL's as you like, but there would be no differentiation (at least at the beginning) between who's added it and who hasn't. Its annoying when stuff appears when you dont want it to, but you HAVE given other people "permission" to add stuff to your downloader, so you should expect that :) Not everyone has the same tastes. 2. It would add the TV series using your default quality/location settings. In my case, thats HD720p, and a particular TV series folder on a particular drive. If you need to use a different drive, then you just change the default folder setting in SickRage.

Thats all I have for now for the workings of this feature... :)

Another feature very much related to this... This one might help the people who wanted to keep track of who's adding what to the list... An expander on each public watchlist URL along with a label of the IMDB username of the owner of that particular watchlist. This will show you what TV Series have been added via that particular users watchlist. This can come after the implementation of the watchlist feature itself, but just putting it out there as a "useful to have"...

| nikagl commented over 3 years ago

Sounds not to difficult to do by adding SickAdd to SickRage?

| 2fst4u commented over 3 years ago

Sickadd is not user friendly in the slightest.

Would appreciate this feature being added to SickRage

p0psicles commented over 3 years ago

This is currently WIP in the imdb-watchlast branch. Currently you can add your watchlist in General Configuration -> Watchlists. And then it will show up in Shows -> Add Shows -> Add From IMDB's Lists. Please report any issues!

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