The ability to set a non-aired (future) episode to Wanted or Skipped

samesong asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 4 comments

samesong commented about 6 years ago

There are some shows where I only want to download certain upcoming episodes. This could be really handy for when you don't really follow a certain talk show, but you want to see an interview of an upcoming guest. You can set that specific future episode to "wanted" while leaving the rest as skipped.

| dirkr07 commented almost 6 years ago

this might also be nice to have as it would also (I'm guessing) trigger the daily searcher for non-aired episodes that are released pre-air or offschedule.

| labrys commented almost 6 years ago Admin

This is already essentially there. While you can't set a specific future episode status, you can set the series to wanted or skipped for future episodes. In addition if the episode airs ahead of time the daily searcher will pick it up and download it. In addition a manual search will search for the episode regardless.

| backslash05 commented almost 6 years ago

I believe it was like this before, maybe I am mistaken but I think we should be able to select episodes to change status before the episode has aired. The main reason for me is that some episodes are up for download before the air date. When this is the case, I have usually already downloaded that episode manually, but when I access SickRage, I cannot change the episode status to skipped because the episode hasn't aired yet. So, at this point, the only options are to let SickRage possibly download another copy by waiting until after air dare or mark all episodes as skipped by defualt and change back after the episode has aired. Also, another time this is useful, is when you want to download (mark it as wanted) a special without having to wait until after it has aired, because they seem to be always marked as skipped by default. If I am missing something, please let me know, if not please add this feature.

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