Add options for anime's fansub groups

John-Gee asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 6 comments

John-Gee commented about 2 years ago

The easy ones: - A useful option would be global denied groups specified in global options, unless I specify them as whitelist for a show never download them (yes I am thinking of horriblesubs).

  • The ability to specify one fansub group for quick download and one for quality that usually shows up way later. So SR would first grab the quick fansub, while keeping on the lookout for the quality fansub.

A more difficult one: - An option to let SickRage pick up one fansub group and stick to it, most of the times I don't really care which group it is, but I do want to only have one group (if possible). Having SickRage just randomly pick episode is usually a waste of bandwidth till I realize I forgot to specify a group. One way it could work would be: 1- Pick the highest rated (english) fansub group on anidb 2- See if we have everything available for that group 3- if yes, go with it and stick to it, if no go back to 1- and pick the next one (4- if no group has all available, ask the user, or just go back to mixing the groups, but the least that is feasible).


| ranmasaotome83 commented about 2 years ago

I would really love to see this feature added. It's becoming an increasing annoyance to be ready to enjoy a brand new episode of some series and then, SURPRISE, it's in Spanish/French/Russian/Whatever. Part of what makes it frustrating is that normally at the start of a new season, the list of groups fan subbing a particular show is completely empty, which means you can't easily preset the particular groups you'd like to pull from.

| psych0d0g commented almost 2 years ago

sounds great, and is my request which adds to this feature request a language setting

yongbi85 commented almost 2 years ago

If I may add this to the feature. Just like the quality settings, I really would love to have an option for Initial Fansub Group and Archive Fansub Group. So i could do first download HorribleSubs but archive FFF for example.

labrys commented almost 2 years ago Admin

This will likely be included as part of the new quality system that is in the works. It will include tags for things such as video codec, audio codec, and will likely include release groups as well.

| crowaust commented 6 months ago

Recently was adding a heap of anime to my download list after watching some top ten lists to find anime that I hadn't seen/downloaded yet, and there was a couple of times that I forgot to set the subgroup whitelists and ended up with Languages that I don't understand(Russian most commonly), it would be awesome to set a default language group to download. Considering that on it actually lists the subtitle groups main language/s, i'm guessing that whatever API SickRage is using to pull the group information would also have this in it somewhere. so added my +1 to this and 269 which appears to be related.

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