Support multi languages / Capacity to download a show in more than one language

Xexiz asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 6 comments

Xexiz commented about 6 years ago

It would be great if we could configure a tv show to be downloaded for each language chosen (2 would be enough for me). Both language should be able to set a specific quality. (i.e. I'd like to download Game of Thrones in english 1080p for me, but I'd also like to get it in 720p in french for my dad)

| etienne582 commented about 6 years ago

I would like to be able to add a desired language when we add a TV Show to SickRage, so that it will be possible to have differents languages for the differents series.

| crowaust commented about 6 years ago

I can get behind the select language of show thing, I tend to prefer watching TV/Movies/Anime in whatever their original released language is with English subtitles if the original Language wasn't English. For example the tv show Inspector Rex has to be watched in Austrian/Italian(depending on season, they changed at some point iirc), Yet NCIS is in English(American), and as much fun as watching Jackie Chan's City hunter is with the bad lip sync'ing in english, it is much easier to watch in Cantonese with subtitles.

| LexMih commented about 6 years ago


Would it be possible to add the same show twice without the error: "xxxxxx is already in your show list", so I can have for exemple the same show in English and French in the same library ? Is there a way around ?

Thank you !

| Comptezero commented almost 6 years ago

like and from

that make the ability to add multiple time the same tv show with different require word. and preconfidure require word with the language of tvdb index used.

| flodus commented over 5 years ago

oh yes !!! i wait this function for a very long time !!! Like this french fork of sickbeard . We can choose the audio language in the show page.

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