Optionally pull episode/series data from for a given show.

githead001 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 7 comments

githead001 commented over 3 years ago

Add an option for each show to optionally pull series/episode data from instead of thetvdb. This would be very helpful for the many shows that have incomplete, incorrect or outdated information on thetvdb.

Because allows one to query a show using thetvdb ID, this should be relatively simple to implement.

| githead001 commented over 3 years ago api here:

Example of how to check if show exists in TVMAZE using thetvdb ID:

(Will return 404 if thetvdb to tvmaze mapping does not exist. Will 302 redirect to tvmaze entry if it does exist, returning information on the show, including tvmaze id.)

| Rick7C2 commented over 3 years ago

I too would love this. Hopefully this time we can download ufc and wwe like we were supposed to with tvrage integration.

WWE and UFC were really the only reason I moved to sickrage and has never worked. Not knocking SR though it is definatly better than sickbeard just give me my WWE and UFC! :D

| neoatomic commented over 3 years ago

Some python code links that might be useful in the future.

| Vodka2014 commented about 3 years ago

Really hope this ones gets added soon

| dirkr07 commented about 3 years ago

I feel like tvdb is becoming more and more a dictatorship. They set up the shows the way they see fit themselves instead of actually following the scene or even the showpages from the networks!

TVMaze seems to be a great alternative and I hope somebody can create an indexer for this..

| InfamousBlade commented almost 3 years ago

I also would love for TVMaze to be added. TheTVDB's search is pretty awful - if you don't format the query exactly right it won't return the show you're looking for.

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